Homebuyers who are trying to stand out in the competitive real estate market are now encouraged to present a personal buyer letter that accompanies their offer. Writing an appealing offer letter to the seller can give them a visual image about you. What are some of the ideas you can add into your buyer’s letter? Here is a quick guide.

Highlight what you like about the home

The seller wants to know why you want to buy the home, so start the letter with what key features you like about the home. A little flattery never hurts, it calls attention to how well the house is styled and maintained. Create a story on how your family will live in this home and how the entire family is excited to add to the memories of this home.

Share something about yourself

Tell the seller about yourself and have some fun with it. Include memorable facts about you and include a personal story about you and your family. The goal is to help them understand who you are and how you will live in their house and create your own set of memories.

Throw in a picture

You might be able to woo the seller by including a picture of you/your family – maybe a family holiday, measurements on a wall as the kids grow, party with friends, etc. Try to create a visual image of what it will be like for you to move in their home.

Get to the point

You want your letter to standout in their minds when all offers are equal – as it may be the deciding factor.  So be specific and get your main points across succinctly.

Be creative

Add something special that they will remember about you. Something that shows that the home will be well taken care of and new memories will be made. Make sure to add a part to your letter on how well you will work on making sure that the loan process is completed in a timely, efficient matter.

Closing Thoughts

As you conclude your letter, express genuine interest, the best buyer's letter starts and finishes strong. Try - “We are honored for this opportunity,” or “Thank you for this opportunity,” This will leave the seller with a connection to you and your family.

Let’s face it, real estate is becoming more and more competitive. Sometimes adding a personal touch is what you need to do to stand out from the rest.  Words are powerful and help create a connection between the buyer and seller in a fast-moving market.